Cell Culture Media Supplement Product Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

InVitria cell culture media supplements make a difference and are a cost effective method for optimizing cell culture production. Please read the following comments from some of our valued customers and see what others are saying about InVitria products.


“Cellastim has provided us with a robust animal-free product for growing cells in chemically-defined medium. Cellastim worked well as a suitable replacement for BSA at a range of concentrations that we tested.”

Brian Majors, Biogen Idec

“When I was working on a serum free media project the Cellastim product was a ‘breakthrough’ discovery. Your recombinant albumin (Cellastim) was able to induce Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) to attach without any serum.”

Cell Culture Media Development Leader, Regenerative Medicine Company


“When evaluating various protein supplements for the expansion of both human mononuclear and hematopoietic stem cells, I found that a combination of InVitria’s Cellastim and Optiferrin significantly outperformed the best non-recombinant proteins It’s clear to me that these recombinant components can enable the development of superior animal-free expansion media for stem cell applications.”

Paul Price, CSO, D-Finitive Cell Technologies

ITSE Animal-Free

“InVitria’s ITSE Animal-Free works well, and better than our alternative product from another supplier.”

Senior Cell Culture Scientist, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research


“Adding Zap-Hybridoma to our media allowed our hybridomas to grow to a higher density with increased viability thus increasing the amount of antibody we were able to purify.”

Pat Korty, NIH-NIAID

“We were amazed to see how well our hybridomas were able to adapt to a serum free environment and maintain a stable viability and antibody production. I would recommend the usage of InVitria’s Zap-Hybridoma to those who search for a completely serum free environment for their cells in order to avoid the contamination of bovine antibodies and other downsides from the usage of serum.”

Peter Andersson, Mabtech AB

“The serum-free medium with Zap-Hybridoma is in our hands a worthy alternative as a replacement for fetal bovine serum in hybridoma cell culture. We have successfully applied the Zap-Hybridoma in limiting dilution and production tests. We have done this for several cell clones, cell culture media and culture systems. Antibody expression with Zap-Hybridoma was in most cases greater than or equal to the expression yields obtained in fetal bovine containing culture medium.”

Eddy Brepoels, MuBio

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