CHO Cell Culture Solutions

InVitria’s animal-free cell culture media supplements increase CHO cell growth and productivity while maintaining an animal-free production system.

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells are commonly used in biomanufacturing and biomedical research. There has been a move in the industry towards animal-free media due to the safety concerns associated with using animal derived components in cell culture including the risk of viral and prion contamination. The challenge is that animal-free media has not performed as well as traditional media with animal components in terms of increasing growth, doubling time or antibody production

InVitria has focused its CHO cell culture product line on maximizing cell performance in CHO cell cultures and at the same time reducing the regulatory and product safety risks. This has been achieved by eliminating animal-derived cell culture supplements such as fetal bovine serum, bovine serum albumin and plasma derived human serum albumin. InVitria has four cell culture media supplements specifically designed for CHO cell culture. Since all InVitria supplements are recombinant, product consistency is ensured with none of the lot-to-lot variation common in other media supplements. InVitria products can also help improve the consistency of other media supplements, including hydrolysates. InVitria can also design a custom supplement recipe for our customers who desire a specific combination of animal component free and recombinant products such as insulin, transferrin, albumin, lactoferrin or other cell culture supplements.

Cellastim, is a recombinant human serum albumin produced in an animal-free system (See ExpressTec) In CHO cell culture, Cellastim is used to optimize media for maximum cell viability, growth and productivity. Cellastim is an important addition to all phases of the culture process from cell cloning and selection, to expansion and finally commercial manufacturing.

Optiferrin, is a recombinant human transferrin produced in an animal-free system (See ExpressTec). Transferrin is a universal iron carrier and is able to deliver iron to cells without causing free radical molecules that are typically formed when iron chelators or other sources of iron are added to CHO cell culture media. Oxidative reactions from excess iron in cell culture media leads to free radical molecules that can cause damage to cells. Iron chelators are commonly associated with excessive iron in cell culture media, so replacing these components with an iron source designed to optimize cell performance is preferred.

Lacromin. In CHO cell culture lactoferrin can be added to cell culture media to increase cell growth and productivity. Lactoferrin also protects cells from apoptosis (programmed cell death) and promotes cell viability. It often outperforms and is used as a replacement for more expensive Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF)

When added to animal-free media, InVitria’s supplements provide a powerful animal-free CHO cell culture system that can solve many of the most challenging aspects of animal component free manufacturing including:

  • Low productivity, leading to slower cell growth and higher manufacturing costs
  • Poor adaptation of CHO cells to animal-free media
  • Increased cell doubling times, leading to slower cell line development and an extended time from freezer to bioreactor
  • Premature cell lysis, generating enzymes and proteases that can destroy or denature antibodies
  • Binding of CHO host proteins (CHOP) to chromatography columns, which contaminate the produced antibodies
  • Medium that has to be optimized for each clone, since all CHO clones do not behave uniformly, making it difficult to establish a standard medium
  • Shear protectants may also have to be added to the media, as bioreactors can cause mechanical stress and damage cells

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