A Good Excipient Has Been Hard To Find Recently–Until Now

You want a biologic excipient that is an effective stabilizer and meets current regulatory requirements.

InVitria’s Recombinant Albumin is the answer: a well-defined, recombinant protein that is free of animal-origin components for regulatory efficiency.

Formulating new biologic drugs takes tremendous time and can have many technical difficulties. When looking for an excipient there are many choices, but few that meet your safety and animal-free requirements.

InVitria has developed a Recombinant Albumin suitable as an excipient for biologic drugs. This product is well-defined, consistent and animal-free. It is an ideal stabilizer for your biologic drug.

The Need for Safe, Consistent Excipients

Some pitfalls you may have encountered with other excipients:

  • Inconsistent protein stabilization
  • Patient hypersensitivity to polysorbate
  • Safety concerns with animal-derived excipients
  • Regulations on existing excipients
  • Inconsistent lots of plasma derived human serum albumin

Drug development is a long road, where setbacks and frustrations are an everyday occurrence. Why not minimize these issues by using a pharmaceutical excipient that is safe, consistent and animal-free? InVitria is ready to help.

That Need Has Been Met

InVitria’s line of products includes Recombinant Albumin for use as an excipient in drug formulation. This product is:

  • Completely animal-free
  • A well-defined, high-purity recombinant protein
  • Meets all regulatory requirements
  • Has greater consistency
  • Has no shortages like with pHSA or animal-derived products

Invitria’s pharmaceutical excipient is the solution to your problems.

Use Invitria’s Recombinant Albumin to formulate your product or replace your problematic pharmaceutical excipient, such as polysorbate or plasma-derived human serum albumin. Get better performance with greater consistency.

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