Hybridoma Cell Culture Solutions

InVitria’s Zap-SR and ITSE Animal-Free cell culture supplements help solve the most challenging aspects of hybridoma cell culture.

Hybridoma cells are engineered hybrid cells, which are extensively used to produce large amounts of monoclonal antibodies. The antibodies produced in hybridoma cell lines are used in a wide range of applications in the biomedical and research industries, including research and development, animal and toxicology studies, and diagnostics.

Traditionally, hybridoma cell culture media has contained fetal bovine serum or other animal-derived media supplements. However, due to the high level of variability and lot-to-lot inconsistencies found in animal products, many are moving away from using serum. In addition serum contains IgG, which causes contamination and results in overall lower antibody product quality.

InVitria has focused its hybridoma product line on maximizing hybridoma performance, removing inconsistency in culture, eliminating bovine IgG contamination emanating from fetal bovine serum and reducing cost. InVitria has two cell culture media supplements specifically designed for hybridoma cell culture. In addition, InVitria can design a custom supplement recipe for our customers who desire a specific combination of animal component free and recombinant products such as insulin, transferrin, albumin, lactoferrin or other cell culture supplements.

Zap-SR is a cell culture media supplement designed to reduce the amount of serum required to support cellular proliferation and cell health in vitro. Incorporating Zap-SR into Hybridoma cell culture is a cost-effective way to reduce serum without sacrificing performance.

ITSE Animal-Free is a recombinant, animal-free insulin and trasferrin media supplement that is commonly used to reduce or remove fetal bovine serum. Other insulin and transferrin supplements do not utilize recombinant technology for these proteins, so ITSE Animal-Free is a unique product. Better yet, it is more cost-effective than traditional insulin and transferrin supplements.

With these supplements, you can solve the most challenging aspects of in vitro culturing of hybridoma cells

  • Reduce cost
  • Improve consistency with defined, animal-free supplements
  • Bovine IgG free, resulting in improved final product quality
  • Animal-component free

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