Applications in Diagnostics

Precision and consistency of results are vital but diagnostic stabilizer reagents continue to be an issue. Performance failures and inaccurate results are derived from defective components, perishable reagents and chemical reagent inconsistencies. Even more challenges arise when animal or human-derived blocking agents are used.InVitria has designed diagnostic stabilizer reagents containing animal-free, recombinant albumin that specifically address the common problems faced in diagnostics.

Occupational safety risk of using animal or human blood products

Typical Assay Problems

Invitria Diagnostic Reagents

Lack of specificitySignificantly improve specificity
Cross reactivity and non-specific bindingReduce non-specific binding and eliminate cross reactivity
Unstable protein or biomarkerStabilize a sensitive protein or biomarker
Poor reagent consistencyEnsure better performance and consistent results
Variability in animal- and human-derived componentsProtease Free!Outperform products such as BSA and human serum albumin from plasma
Occupational safety risk of using animal or human blood productsEliminates occupational safety risk and regulatory concerns