Applications in Regenerative Medicine

Stem cells and regenerative medicine applications can be tricky and cell culture media could be the problem. Some of the common issues with stem cell culture that may be from the media are:

  • Problematic adherence
  • Cell differentiation
  • Apoptosis
  • Contamination from animal-origin components such as FBS, BSA, Plasma Albumin and plate coating material
  • Inconsistency

InVitria has designed cell culture media supplements specifically to address these issues.


When I was working on a serum free media project the Cellastim product was a ‘breakthrough’ discovery. Your recombinant albumin (Cellastim) was able to induce Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) to attach without any serum.

Cell Culture Media Development Leader, Regenerative Medicine Company

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Recombinant human albumin – Promotes stem cell growth comparable to FBS while being consistent and animal-free.

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Recombinant human lactoferrin – Improves cell growth while maintaining cells undifferentiated state, used in regerative medicine.

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Recombinant human transferrin – Animal-free source of iron for stem cell research, regenerative medicine and transplantation.

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ITSE Animal-Free

Recombinant insulin-transferrin supplement – Reducing serum without the loss of performance and productivity.

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LIF Leukemia Inhibitory Factor

Recombinant Human Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (rhLIF) – A high performance and high quality animal component-free stem cell media additive for maintaining pluripotent stem cells.

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