Applications in Vaccines

High performance virus production can be a challenge for your research and vaccine production requirements. Whether you are using mammalian cell lines or other virus production systems, the need for consistent and high yielding cultures is a top priority.Many cell lines used for live virus production and vaccines, such as Vero and HEK 293, can be difficult to culture. This makes it difficult to consistently produce a high live virus titre. The challenges continually addressed include:

  • Poor host cell growth
  • Increased host cell apoptosis
  • Poor cell adherence to microcarriers
  • Low viral yield and inadequate live virus production
  • Lack of performance from chemically-defined media
  • Inconsistent cell performance and viral yield between lots

InVitria’s scientists have developed new animal-free media additives that perform well when replacing animal components or as performance enhancing additives for chemically-defined media in a viral vaccine production system. Cellastim, InVitria’s recombinant human albumin, consistently improves cell line growth and live virus titre while maintaining a chemically-defined media.

The superior cell culture media supplements offered by InVitria:

  • Maximize growth of many mammalian cell lines, including Vero and HEK 293
  • Increase host cell adherence to microcarriers
  • Optimize live virus production and live virus titre
  • Increase cell viability and density while stabilizing the virus
  • Are chemically-defined and well-characterized supplements
  • Ensure lot-to-lot consistency
  • Are free of animal or blood derivatives, such as bovine serum albumin (BSA)
  • Regulatory-friendly

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