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InVitria’s Cellastim and Optiferrin cell culture supplements enable the removal or reduction of animal derived media components from vero cell culture media without sacrificing productivity.

The vero cell line is derived from kidney epithelial cells of the African Green Monkey. Vero cells are frequently used in large-scale vaccine production because they grow well in bioreactors with a high viral yield. Unfortunately, they are also extremely susceptible to infection from viruses (such as polio, influenza, and rubella), as well as bacteria and fungi.

Traditionally, Vero cell culture media has contained fetal bovine serum or other animal-derived media supplements. The use of these animal products creates many challenges, primarily safety concerns. Animal-derived supplements can infect cells with bacteria, viruses, and prions, particularly bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease). In addition, productivity suffers when animal-derived supplements are used due to the high level of variability and lot-to-lot inconsistencies in these products and virus production titres and viral yields can vary significantly between batches. Poor vero cell viability leads to longer cell doubling times and long production cycle times

InVitria has focused its vero cell culture product line on improving vero cell culture safety, maximizing performance and removing inconsistency in culture. InVitria products can also help improve the consistency of other media supplements, including hydrolysates. InVitria has two cell culture media supplements specifically designed for vero cell culture. InVitria can also design a custom supplement recipe for our customers who desire a specific combination of animal component free and recombinant products such as insulin, transferrin, albumin, lactoferrin or other cell culture supplements.

Cellastim, is a recombinant human serum albumin produced in an animal-free system (See ExpressTec) In vero cell culture, Cellastim is often used as a tool in creating an improved cell culture production system, by allowing the removal or reduction of animal-derived supplements including serum, bovine serum albumin and human serum albumin from culture without sacrificing cell culture performance.

Optiferrin, is a recombinant human transferrin produced in an animal-free system (See ExpressTec). Optiferrin carries iron to vero cells in culture and allows for the removal of animal-derived supplements including serum, bovine transferrin and human plasma derived transferrin with equivalent performance.

When used in combination and added to animal-free media, Cellastim and Optiferrin provide a powerful cell culture system that can solve many of the most challenging aspects of in vitro culturing of vero cells.

  • Remove or reduce animal-derived media components.
  • Maintain or improve current cell culture production performance.
  • Improve consistency with defined, animal-free supplements.
Maximize Vero Cell Growth
Vero cells were grown in a commercial medium either without supplementation (yellow), or supplemented with plasma derived human serum albumin (pHSA)(red), Cellastim (blue) or 10% FBS (black). Significant cell growth was observed in the medium supplemented with Cellastim at 1g/L.

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