Cellastim – Defined, Animal-free, Recombinant Albumin (rHSA)

Improves the growth and productivity of many cell types including stem cells, primary cells, CHO cells, and Vero cells.

  • Product Name: Cellastim
  • Product Number: 777HSA017
  • Product Form: Powder

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Product Description

Cellastim is recombinant human serum albumin that is completely animal component free. Cellastim has been shown to increase the performance of a wide range of cell types. Cellastim is ideally suited as a cell culture media supplement for stem cells, primary cells, CHO cells, and Vero cells.

Cellastim is often used as a tool in creating an animal-free cell culture production system, by allowing the removal of animal-derived supplements including serum, bovine serum albumin and human serum albumin from culture without sacrificing cell performance. In culture that is already animal-free, adding Cellastim is an important step in optimizing media for maximum cell viability, growth and productivity. Cellastim is an important addition to all phases of the culture process from cell cloning and selection, to expansion and finally commercial manufacturing. As a recombinant albumin, Cellastim provides consistent performance compared to animal-derived supplements. Cellastim can be used in chemically defined media or with plant hydrolysates for optimal performance. With the many benefits Cellastim provides, it is a very cost-effective way to maximize your cell culture performance.

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