Cellastim S – T Cell Qualified Recombinant Human Serum Albumin

Optimized to improve the performance of specific cell types in culture – including Vero and T cells.

Cellastim Type S
  • Product Name: Cellastim S
  • Product Number: 777HSA017S
  • Product Form: Powder

Product Description

Cellastim S is recombinant human serum albumin that is completely animal component free. Recognizing the fact that the chemistry driving albumin performance in cell culture medias is extremely complex and dependent on various modifications and ligands, InVitria has developed and optimized Cellastim S to specifically increase performance in animal free medias for T cell, Vero, and other cell types.

Every lot of Cellastim S is tested against InVitria’s custom T cell media platform – which was developed specifically for the optimization of the HSA media component. This means that every lot of Cellastim S that you purchase is guaranteed to work just as well as the last – eliminating the lot-to-lot variability seen in FBS or serum-derived albumin products. Also, the animal-free nature of Cellastim S means that you will never have to worry about things like blood or serum-shortages in the wake of increasing global demand – whether you are running small scale pilot experiments or scaling up for production – Cellastim S will be available to fulfill your demands. This also means that Cellastim S will always be available at the same affordable price, and is not dependent on volatile and fluctuating serum protein markets.

With these benefits in mind, incorporating Cellastim S into your T cell or Vero medias is a no brainer. For more information and a complete list of Cellastim S cell lines and applications, please click the “Ask an Expert” link below. Also be sure to check out the tech library to the right for more documentation and resources.

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