Lysobac – Recombinant Human Lysozyme

A breakthrough for bacterial cell lysis - produced in an animal-free production system, eliminates the risk of adding an animal derived component.

Lysobac 1100g powder - 777LYS016
  • Product Name: Lysobac
  • Product Number: 777LYS016
  • Product Grade: cGMP
  • Product Form: Powder

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Product Description

Lysobac is a breakthrough for microbial cell lysis and can be used as a preservative in foods and beverages, diagnostic applications, bioprocessing and life science research. Lysobac is recombinant human lysozyme produced in an animal-free production system. Animal-free production eliminates the risk of adding an undesirable animal component or potential allergen.

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Lysobac Advantages:

Higher Performance

Lysobac is a more effective preservative than chicken lysozyme. Lysobac is four times more active per mg for lysing Micrococcus and E. coli., when compared with chicken lysozyme. It also has the added benefit of being completely animal-free, thus eliminating any concerns regarding consumers with egg allergies.

Improved Cell Lysis Efficiency

Lysobac saves bioprocessing time by eliminating cell harvest to provide in-culture protein extraction. In addition, because Lysobac is highly active it adds minimal volume to the final lysate.

Increased Consistency

Recombinant Lysobac provides the additional advantage of being consistent across product lots unlike chicken lysozyme, which has a great deal of variability.

Gentle Lysis Agent

Lysobac is a gentle lysing agent providing minimal risk of denaturing protein.


There is increasing demand for products that are manufactured in a completely animal-free and allergen free production system. Lysobac is produced in an animal-free, recombinant system (See ExpressTec).

Reduces Overall Cost

InVitria’s efficient production methods and Lysobac’s high activity levels combine to reduce overall costs when compared with chicken lysozyme.

Product Applications

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