Egg free lysozyme for use in food processing

  • Product Name: LysoSure
  • Product Number: 777LYS055
  • Product Form: Powder

Product Description

LysoSure is an egg free lysozyme product that is designed to replace hen egg white lysozyme in food processing applications. This product is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), and has been shown to not have the allergenicity of hen egg white lysozyme.

LysoSure Advantages: Food Processing

LysoSure is an excellent alternative to egg white lysozyme for use in food production. Whether you are in the business of making cheese, wine, or related fermented foods, LysoSure will surely exceed your expectations.

Saves Money
While the cost of egg white lysozyme is continuing to rise, LysoSure is a cost-effective alternative.

Egg Free
LysoSure is completely egg free and does not have the allergenicity concerns of an egg-derived lysozyme.

Product Uses

  • Cheese Manufacture – typical inclusion rates are 250 – 500 mg per Liter of milk
  • Wine Making
  • Bacterial Lysis

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