Zap-SR – A Supplement to Reduce Serum and Maintain Cell Culture Performance

A cost effective option to reduce serum concentrations in cell culture medium

  • Product Name: Zap-SR
  • Product Number: 777ZAP053
  • Product Grade: Cell Culture
  • Product Form: Liquid
50 ml$88
5 x 50ml$350
1 LCALL1-800-916-8311

Product Description

The increased demand combined with the rising prices and limiting, sometimes questionable, supply of fetal bovine serum (FBS) has become a recognized problem amongst cell culture scientists. Zap-SR is a supplement designed to reduce the amount of serum required to support cellular proliferation and cell health in vitro. Although dependent on cell type, serum concentrations can be reduced by 50% to 99.9 % when used in combination with Zap-SR without sacrificing performance.

Product Applications

Zap-SR can support the in vitro proliferation of a variety of cell lines in the presence of reduced serum. It is recommended that an initial screen be performed to determine the optimal level of FBS and Zap-SR per application. See the Zap-SR Guidelines for Use for further details.

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