Optibumin Product Specifications

Product NameOptibumin
Product Number777HSA047
Product GradeCell Culture
Product Form20% Liquid
Country of OriginUSA

The product has been manufactured without the use of an animal host cell and without animal components. It is processed using equipment that is free of animal components. The packaging materials which contact the final product are also animal component free.

TestSpecificationsAcceptance Criteria
IdentificationMass SpectrometryTheoretical mass ± 20 Da (66418 to 66458)
AppearenceVisual InspectionA package free from defects, containing a slightly viscous, clear straw to amber colored solution practically free from visible contamination
PurityRP-HPLC> 99%
HMW ProteinsSEC-HPLC≤1.0%
Host Cell ProtienELISA≤ 0.15 µg/g protein
Residual DNASS DNA Binding< 20 ng/mg
pHPotentiometric6.7 – 7.3
EndotoxinUSP<85>≤1.67 EU/mL

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